EBO Minutes: Fishing expedition by Fleming

The Equal Business Opportunity Committee of the Community Maritime Park Associates, Inc. was called to order at 12:10 p.m. on October 08, 2010. Present at the meeting were Chairwoman Bentina Terry, Mrs. Grace McCaffery, and Rev. LuTimothy May. CMPA Trustees Mr. Eddie Todd, Dr. Jimmy Jones, Juanita Scott, and Councilwoman Pratt attended the meeting. Also present was Mr. Ed Spears from the City of Pensacola. The meeting was properly noticed and open to the public. These minutes are a synopsis of the
actions taken at that meeting and are not intended as verbatim minutes.

I. Chairwoman Terry called the meeting to order and welcomed the attendees. A quorum was not present.

II. Chairwoman Terry called on Scott Davison to provide the response from MPDP to the EBO Compliance Report.

Mr. Davison said Ed Fleming’s report was a “fishing expedition” that was not based in any facts.

RFQ and RFP references are not applicable.

Contractors Academy never intended to be an academy.

Focused on word “may” in regards to requirements in the contract language.

Financing – sub bond process accomplishes this.

Rate of spending – No timeline in EBO Agreement.

Reviewed results

Compliance Officer Reported no violation

III. Opened floor for public comment.

George Hawthorne

Eddie Todd – concern is timeliness because missed key GMP dates.

Chairwoman Terry – There was an expectation that more be done and we be much further along. Feels there has been no violation of agreement but much disappointment.


Rev. May – Not okay with the way things are.

At this time no finding to forward to CMPA Board.

Feels issue brought forward today that representations in RFQ and RFP may be fraudulent involvement is larger than purview of this committee.


VII. The meeting was adjourned at 12:50 p.m.