ECUA billing issues

Due to a COVID-related staffing shortage, ECUA’s third-party bill print/mailing processor is running behind in their production schedule.  As a result, some of our customers’ bills are being delivered near or after their due date.  Customers’ account standing will not be adversely affected nor be charged a late fee if they received a delayed bill.  Customer accounts enrolled in ECUA’s and E-Notification billing programs are not affected by these delays.

The Click2Gov web application, generally available to customers 24 hours a day, provides real-time access to utility billing account information via the Internet.  Customers who wish to access their bill online may do so by going to the ECUA website at and clicking on ‘View Your Bill’ to set up an account.  Once on the Click2Gov website, customers may also opt-in to receive an email notification that their bill is ready to be viewed online on the same day that it is generated by our billing system.

For more information, please contact ECUA Customer Service at 850-476-0480 or via email at


1 thought on “ECUA billing issues

  1. How annoying! For the past two months we have received our bill late and both times I called ECUA to get the balance in time to pay. Both times they told me that the bills had been mailed on time but I hadn’t received them for two weeks. All my other bills were coming on time. The second person tried to get me to do auto pay to prevent the problem. I told the rep that they needed to solve the problem on their end because not everyone can do electronic payments. I hope they won’t lie again when I call them next month!

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