By Stephanie Sharp…

This year’s Memorial Day resulted in a pile of grievances on the desk of Mary Lou Franzoni, General Manager of ECAT. In an email from Michael A. Lowery, Chairman of ATU Florida State Legislative Conference Board, to Franzoni, Lowery says that 24 grievances were filed as of May 29th with over 20 more expected.

The grievances center on Memorial Day operations by the transit company. The grievants claim that ECAT failed to honor seniority, violated current labor agreements and ignored past practice.

“The Union will likely file unfair labor practices for failure to not negotiate in good faith changes to the collective bargaining agreement plus in our opinion direct dealing with our bargaining unit employees,” said Lowery in an email to Franzoni on the 29th.

Filed by professional bus drivers and trolley operators employed by ECAT, the grievances seek letters of apology along with compensation from the company for work lost.

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