BCC public forum

The Gary Sansing Public Forum is an opportunity for the public to address their elected officials, raise issues that aren’t on the agenda and make public announcements.

The public forum is where we learned about the plight of Gwen McCormick.

The topics included beach renourishment, limitations placed on public record requests, conditions of the ECAT facilities, pay for firefighters and other public safety workers, fully funding the budgets of public safety, fire, sheriff’s office and infrastructure, the need of accountability for Escambia Children’s Trust, and reallocation of funding for police and jail to social justice issues.

Gwen McCormick returned to thanks the commissioners for helping her get her health insurance. She said she hopes to return to work.









2 thoughts on “BCC public forum

  1. I thought Admin staff put the items on the agenda brought up through the proper channels and then up for a vote to the board. Seems like a lot people placing blame on the commissioners for items for procurement not on the agenda is misplaced.

    For instance the training the medical director wanted back in May 2019 has never made it to the agenda, and people blame the BCC. I would think it’s not their place to do everything. People need to consult the organizational chart and get things done at the lowest proper level. Learn how to be effective. Obviously going to public forum and speaking about it must not be effective.

    The BCC aren’t philosopher kings. They attend meetings and vote on items on the agenda.

  2. Yeah so?
    People have been speaking at that forum about ECFR lack of pay, stations, companies for at least two (3) years now. And have any of the 5 Overlords
    brought up anything on an agenda? Escambia fire is in year 21 of their 5 year plan I believe. (2000)!

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