ECUA should pay me

Rick Today’s cover story for the PNJ is on the Main Street Sewage Treatment plant. Indepth analysis by O’ Sullivan Creel has concluded that the ratepayers could pay for it with a $4.80-$6 per month increase.

In my Sept. 27, 2005 Outtakes I computed it could be done for $6.75.

Residential rates could be increased by $6.75 per month to raise the last $365,000 needed to cover the note payment. The $6.75 increase is less than what the average lunch costs. It’s less than a movie ticket. It averages out to be less than a quarter per day.

Here read the whole column: Outtakes

It’s funny how little the bottom-line numbers have change even with the construction cost increases and the government grants.

If only ECUA would have listened to me……