ECUA/Dale Perkins plan is extortion scam

scream In the PNJ (ECUA to review funding plan), the ECUA Board still refuses to pay for the entire $115 million with its Dale Perkins five-point plan:

  1. Reapply for more FEMA money
  2. Ask Escambia County and City of Pensacola for money
  3. One-time rate increase of 10% – which will only generate a third
  4. If FEMA & County won’t help, forget about moving plant. ECUA will use money to fortify current one (in other words- extortion).
  5. Only break ground if all money is in place – no borrowing?

The ECUA board is proving that it doesn’t have the competence to run the water and wastewater systems of the county. It’s time we abolish it, save their salaries and find professionals to run the system.

Is there a recall clause in the ECUA charter?