Electronic voting machines breaking down

RWS We’re getting news reports that touchscreen voting machines aren’t working properly in Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania, New York and Florida.

Ohio: There are widespread problems with voting machines and confusion implementing the state’s photo ID requirement, Election Protects reports.

PA: Voting machines were failing and provisional ballots lacking across Allegheny County, causing frustratingly long lines, reports Election Protection, which is following up with officials.

FL: Polling places opened late in Broward County after voting machines ran into problems and an election judge failed to appear, EP reports. Voters resorted to paper ballots in Orange Park after a voting machine failed, EP reports. There were no paper ballots while voting machines failed in one predominantly African American Deerfield Beach precinct, keeping the polling place from opening for at least two hours, EP reports.

Ind: Computer errors caused problems in 75 precincts in Delaware county, EP reports. Touch-screen machines failed in more than 10 percent of Marion County’s precincts, forcing voters to resort to paper ballots, EP reports.

We wrote about this in August: Red, White & Screwed.