Emerald Coastkeeper lists problems at Pensacola Tanyards project

Here is the list of code violations that Emerald Coastkeeper Laurie Murphy sent Mayor Ashton Hayward and City Administrator Eric Olson two weeks ago:

1. Blocked off stormwater drains
2. Piles of soil that have been there so long that grass and weeds have grown on them.
3. Lack of silt fencing on part of the job site
4. Soil from the job site tracked out onto residential streets.
5. A pipe with an unknown substance piped into the storm drain. (Resolved)
6. Axel grease containers opened and laying out in the residential street area.
7. No fencing around this large storm pond in a residential neighborhood where children play.
8. Large areas of standing water and gravel from the job site located on residential neighborhood streets with out regard to safety.

Only #5 has been resolved.

Yesterday, Murphy added additional concerns to this list:

1. Speed Plug, a rapid-setting hydraulic cement was located near a storm drain
2. Large containers of Hydraulic Oil were scattered throughout the job site and where children could have access to it.
3. The track-out has become so significant that automobiles and children playing on the residential streets create large dust clouds when traveling through it.
4. Unused equipment left on the job site and on private property.
5. Uncut grass and dead trees on City property. This is creating a rat hazard in the neighborhood.


Kids play with their Christmas skates near the pond:

On bikes:


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  1. take note that large containers of hydraulic oil and “axle” grease scattered about on site means machinery is leaking the same fluids into the environment.
    They are not being burned, they are leaking out onto whatever.

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