Enlist in Kettle Army

kettleThe Salvation Army is in the midst of its major fund-raiser of the year, the kettle program.  To have a successful event, it requires 2,307 volunteers to keep all 50 sites covered.  The funds from the kettles support the programs of The Salvation Army all year round.

Volunteer commitment is running low and The Salvation Army is asking you to consider if it has impacted your life in any way, and if so, it asks that you pass it on.  If during the war you received a cup of coffee or a donut, pass it on.  If you have been reconnected to a family member, enrolled your child in the sports program, if you have been sent to camp, or if The Salvation Army provided day-care for your child, pass it on.  If you were once homeless, given food, a place to lay your head, pass it on.  If you have had your house payment or your utility bill paid, had your medication filled at no charge, pass it on.  If you were given a meal, bottled water or ice after a disaster, pass it on.  If you or your child were provided a toy during the holiday season, pass it on.

You can pass it on by helping raise the funding to continue to provide these services by ringing a bell just one shift.  Call 554-4348 or sign up at www.ringbells.org.

For further information about how you can be part of The Salvation Army’s Christmas Assistance Program, contact Yvonne Warthen, 432.1501 ext. 13, Post Office Box 18569, Pensacola, FL  32523 or EscaRosa@uss.salvationarmy.org.