EOC: Update June 13 4:30 pm

Two plumes south of Pensacola Pass – a large plume of weathered oil nine miles out, it’s two miles wide and 40 miles long; non-weather oil plume three miles out.

BP is working for a decontamination station for washing recreational boats.

DEP is working on an alternative plan for reconfiguring the booms at Pensacola Pass. The boom will be placed in a funnel-shape to better capture the oil.

John Temperelli, consultant with Witt Group, said that the there is more sheen in the Gulf than what has been seen before. The oil mousse has moved more to the east and was spotted south of Navarre.
City of Pensacola has added boom to the Gaborone swamp.

Fishing is banned from Pensacola Bay Fishing Pier. However, you can catch and release from the pier.