EOC: Wiggins notes

Pensacola Mayor Mike Wiggins talked about how proud he was of Pensacola Beach today, especially when he saw Pres. Obama and Gov. Crist walk towards the water near the fishing pier.

Wiggins said that he was the first local official to get speak about his concerns with the BP oil disaster.

1. He thanked the President for coming to Pensacola. It was valuable to have the Commander-in-Chief on the ground.
2. He asked for more skimmers. It’s better to fight the oil off the coast.
3. President Obama spoke about creating the trust fund, which he called an “evergreen” account.
4. They also spoke about creating a “Go Zone” and the President smiled when Wiggins brought up the Air Tanker contract.

“I found the President well-informed, well-briefed and genuinely concerned about the region,” said Wiggins. “He will do what he can to help us.”