Escambia blows past daily COVID record

Escambia County has 92 new COVID cases, surpassing the record set yesterday of 68. Of the new cases, 81 were Florida residents, two were tied to local nursing homes, and the median age was 26.

The positivity rate was 6.7% for 1,211 test results – the most test results entered in a single day over the past two weeks. Other days when over a thousand test results were entered:

May 22: 1,072, rate 0.5%
May 19: 1,162,  rate 0.3%

This week, Escambia County residents have had 2,711 tests results reported, 194 positives and a positivity rate of 7.2%.

Tests Positives
21-Jun 646 12
22-Jun 505 42
23-Jun 349 59
24-Jun 1211 81
2711 194 7.2%


Florida had 5,004 new cases – for the second consecutive 5K day. Duval County – site of  2020 GOP Convention – had 305 new cases – also a new record – and a positivity rate of 8.2%.


2 thoughts on “Escambia blows past daily COVID record

  1. I agree with Perkflower. What are we doing having the Blue Angels next weekend? It’s like some pagan ritual that we can’t seem to survive without. And paid fireworks at the stadium?
    Our city and county officials should just rename themselves the Chamber of Commerce. I suspect they will shut things down after July 4…and cash registers have been filled a bit.

  2. The other day I was checking out all 67 counties in the state and at that time Escambia was 14 on that list!!! 14 out of 67 counties and very populated counties. My guess, got to keep the Blue Angel money rolling in. What’s 250000 people on the beach at one time gonna hurt?

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