Escambia County socialism

Here’s an email that like the July 26th Outtakes ( Give It All You Got ):

You are the man. Finally a journalist that is willing to say something. I have been asking the same questions. I constantly see the waste. I have recently figured it out. The problem is a weak commission wanting to be the county staff’s friend and not willing to say NO.

While you are out on Sunday take a drive to the new Kohls shopping center off 9 Mile Road and take a look at all the new equipment across the street at the county road department yard. Last Sunday I counted around 30 dump trucks a couple excavators, many trucks and other equipment. Then drive out hwy 97 to the road camp near Muscogee Road. Take a look at all that equipment.

What happened to out sourcing this county work? The county commission and administration appears to have allowed this crazy government growth probably initially from FEMA money, I hope, and now that the hurricanes are over they will not let it and the people go. Back in the day the government helped the community by out sourcing work.

Now they are socialist and have been allowed to form a mega construction company which takes work and employees out of the private sector. I am sure if they were forced to get rid of all that new equipment and the employees that operate it the budget would be saved but they won’t because the commission will not force them to. The staff and administrator will not unless forced by the BCC. I’ll bet you we won’t have to lose one fireman or policeman.

I believe the local government has a socialistic philosophy where they believe in their hearts they are doing the right thing by getting as many people to work for the government as they can to try and do as you mention. Provide high paying jobs with all the benefits. And if they are forced to let even one person go back to the private sector will be like throwing that poor person into a fire. They honestly believe the private sector “the Man” will not and cannot provide the life style for the common worker. They have no faith in the private sector.

These are just my thoughts from hearing all the crap we hear from these folks on the record and off the record. The question is can we afford this type of government? The answer is hell no – look at what happened to the USSR and other country’s that went Socialist.