County to start passing our face masks

In its daily COVID-19 update, Escambia County said its Department of Public Safety will begin distributing “face covering masks” free of charge.

When? To be determined.

“A coordinated effort between Emergency Management and partnerships throughout the community are (sic) making this possible,” according to the update. “We will provide the date they will be available in a news release.”

All Escambia County lifeguards – presumably those not in quarantine – will have access to free masks for public distribution on the beach. Local food distribution locations will also be able to provide free face coverings while supplies last.

In typical passive aggressive fashion, the county added, “Social distancing is still the preferred method of protecting each other.”

We at Inweekly consider the free distribution of masks a step in the right direction. A baby step, but at least some progress.

The next step is for the county administrator to mandate masks for all county employees inside government facilities and vehicles when others are present.