Escambia deaths and positivity rates rise


FDOH reported seven more COVID-19 deaths for Escambia County. The positivity rate for Aug. 17 was 11.2% for 739 test results.  The positivity rate is the highest since last Monday.

Of the 88 new cases reported, 86 were Florida residents, 14 tied to nursing homes and only one new case in the Century state prison. Hospitalizations increased by 15 to 637.


as of Aug 17 8/16/20 8/17/20 Increase
Total Cases       576,094       579,932     3,838
Fla Residents       570,024       573,811     3,787
Deaths           9,539           9,758        219
Escambia         10,317         10,405          88
Fla Residents           9,383           9,469          86
Deaths              152              159            7
Hospitalizations              622              637          15
LTC              943              957          14
Corrections              843              844            1
Positivity 10.0% 11.2% 1.2%
Santa Rosa           4,237           4,264          27
Fla Residents           4,193           4,225          32
Deaths                47                50            3
Hospitalizations              220              227            7
LTC              232              233            1
Corrections              997           1,000            3
Positivity 15.1% 11.8% -3.3%

12 thoughts on “Escambia deaths and positivity rates rise

  1. Data shows other deaths are down based on what you have posted. What don’t know in what categories.

  2. If anything, the # of Covid deaths is significantly UNDERREPORTED. Many atypical pneumonia deaths that don’t typically occur in summer months are occurring. Additionally, there is a lag in reporting of actual Covid deaths, thus the number will keep going up. Thankfully hospitalizations have plateaued and are dropping. To argue that any significant % of Covid deaths are attributable to something else is fallacy and in reality the # is almost certainly greater than the present tally,

  3. If Pensacola had 159 citizens dying from Drunk Drivers, drug over doses, people would be up in arms, but since the virus has been politicized, people feel free to disrespect the grieving families.

  4. Data shows there’s not a corresponding increase in deaths even with with this highly contagious disease. 🤷‍♂️

  5. I don’t agree with your assertion that this virus has killed 159 people, but that 159 people have died while testing positive with it. But we can continue this conversation later.

  6. The overall death count isn’t the issue. A contagious virus has killed 159 people, primarily over 45 days. Such a spike is significant. The fact that other causes of death may be down may be worth analyzing.

  7. I think the fact the county is not experiencing a significant increase in the number of overall deaths can lead one to assume the virus is not having a significant increase in the number of people dying. Once again, the current 2.6% increase is right in line with the average increase since 2010.

  8. All I can go by is the facts FDOH gives us. We’ve had 159 death from a contagious virus, and Covid may wind up the third greatest cause of death for our county. I don’t think you can justify an assumption that these people would have died “normally” over the past five months – 115 in the past 45 days.

  9. I guess I would say there have been 159 deaths for which the individual also tested positive for the virus. There are plenty of reports out there of people dying from other causes, but because they tested positive for the virus it was listed as a Covid death. I do, however, acknowledge that people have died because of the virus and/or associated complications.

    Also, one would think that if this virus was causing the deaths of a greater number of people than would normally die during a specific time period, the amount of deaths would correlate with that presumption and you would see an accompanying increase.

    As stated below, based on current numbers, 2020 is indicating a 2.6% increase over last year, wherein the previous 5 year average was 3.2%. If you go back to 2010, the average is 2.4%. The current 2.6% rate is still well within both averages.

    Once again, while I agree that the virus is real, it did not require us to shutdown society and decimate the economy.

  10. After five months. Covid has caused a reported 159 deaths. That total alone would rank Covid as the seventh cause of death for the entire year of 2019. Covid will surpass Alzheimer’s Disease (171) by this time next week and may catch up to Strokes (219) by mid-Sept and Unintentional Injury deaths (237) and Chronic Lower Respiratory Disease (245) in October. That only two causes of death Covid probably won’t surpass are heart disease (654) and cancer (762). And of all these causes of death, Covid is the only one that is contagious, and the rate of Covid deaths has escalated over the past 45 days – increasing 345%.

  11. Based on data from FL Bureau of Vital Statistics, Escambia County has recorded a total of 2,401 deaths for all causes so far this year. That averages out to 10.48 deaths per day for all causes. If you extend that out for the rest of the year, the total number of deaths for all causes in Escambia County would be 3,825.

    The total number of deaths for all causes in 2019 was 3728, or an average of 10.25 per day.

    Based on the above, it can be estimated that there will be 97 more deaths this year than last.

    The 97 additional deaths would represent a 2.6% increase over 2019. This increase would be below the 3.2% five year average increase in deaths in Escambia County.

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