4 thoughts on “Escambia has eight additional Covid deaths and positivity rate of over 19 percent

  1. Don’t care how many times this gong needs to be struck. Janice Gilley and her entire Spread the Covid Love, Here’s to Herd Immunity entourage need to be put out on their ear. Yesterday.

    Robert Bender should be calling a Special Meeting pronto, also. I don’t know what it is going to take for Chairman Bender and Commissioners Barry and Bergosh to recognize that this will become a bigger disaster the longer it goes unchecked.

    We need somebody as county administrator who isn’t a covid denier and moreover isn’t out for her own interest. Remove her for her horrific lack of covid response, throw in her inept Sally PRing in place of actual response, and we’ll get rid of all her procurement shadiness and her money moving at the same time.

    And perhaps we could still get some of the County staff who fled with all the institutional knowledge from what seemed like a never-ending nightmare back. There is nothing but upside across the board on bringing her catastrophic tenure to an end.

  2. At close of day 12/21/2020 Florida had vaccinated 49,932 individuals. Guess how many were in Escambia County. Three (3)!! I’m not feeling hopeful.

  3. If you live in Escambia County, Florida and want to shop in safety, maybe you need to drive across the border to Alabama where they take public health seriously. At least in Pensacola, mask wearing is a very hit-or-miss thing. There is widespread disregard for the mask ordinance in the Walmart on Creighton Road. Interestingly, everyone in the Dollar Tree on the south side of Creighton wears a mask. I can’t recall ever seeing anyone in that store who was not wearing a mask. Driving south, everyone in Fresh Market wears a mask. Not so down up road at Sam’s Club. Of course, over at Barnes & Noble, everyone wears a mask. Then you go down to Publix on 9th Avenue and compliance varies.

    The sad part is that if someone from these stores just politely reminded shoppers as they entered to wear a mask, most or all customers would. In the rare instance when someone did not have a mask, it would be no big deal for a store to have a box of masks on a table as you walked in with a sign encouraging people to take one. For their part, stores can solve this problem very quick by simply not allowing people to check-out if they are not wearing a mask. I have been pretty shocked standing in line at the Winn-Dixie on 9th Avenue watching as people check-out without a mask and no one, to include the clerk wearing a mask, says nothing. Same at Walmart, Sam’s Club, Publix, etc.

    I blame Pensacola’s Mayor Grover Robinson who has refused to enforce even the simplest part of the city’s mask ordinance, the requirement that businesses post a mask ordinance sign in their window. I was over at Belk department store in Cordova Mall this morning where everyone was wearing a mask. Walking in, the city’s mask ordinance sign jumped out because you see so few of them in the windows of city businesses. Kudos to Belk.

  4. Perhaps the mask up campaign would of worked a bit better had Underhill not worked so hard to discredit the campaign, and Janice Gilley and her gang of inept clowns would of led by example. Instead, the county has pretended Covid doesn’t exist, other than being an inconvenience for the county “leaders” to deal with. Escambia County is run by a bunch of ignorant, backwoods Trump worshipers, that are too incompetent to be trusted with someone’s pet, let alone a county’s well being and safety!

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