Escambia Public Education crisis in a nutshell

Escambia County only has two 10 grades that exceed the state average (53%) for students that are performing on grade level or higher for English Language Arts –West Florida (70%) and Tate (57%).

Pensacola High fell one point short but its scores were boosted by the elite IB program that provided 40% at the Level 4 and 5 scores.

The lowest performing 10-graders were at Pine Forest (30%) and Escambia High (35%). At Pine Forest, 42% read and write on a third grade level or lower – Escambia 39%.

That means that 172 10-graders at Pine Forest and 162 at Escambia High spent a decade in the Escambia County School District – Superintendent Malcolm Thomas’ tenure in office — and can barely read and write.

BTW, Pensacola High–that had 40% at Levels 4 and 5– also had 30 percent of its 10-graders at Level 1.

Spring 2019 FSA English Language Arts – Grade 10

School Name# StudentsPercentage: Level 3 or Above12345
State Average10196,275532324222110
WEST FLORIDA 10323701020302615
J. M. TATE 10534572122252111
PENSACOLA 10359523018112020
WASHINGTON 1042250252521218
NORTHVIEW 1011848232922215
ESCAMBIA 1041635392619125
PINE FOREST 1041030422817111

The ninth grade scores are better —with four high schools above or within reach of the state average. However, one of three ninth-graders at Pine Forest (38%), Escambia (34%) and Pensacola High (33%) are reading and writing at third grade level or worse.

Spring 2019 Grade 9 FSA ELA

School NameGrade# StudentsPercentage: Level 3 or Above12345
State Avg09203,549552422212212
WEST FLORIDA09321701020292912
J. M. TATE0951451232624189
PINE FOREST0939035382818134