Expenditures associated with jail explosion exceed $13 million


Readers have pointed out other emergency purchase orders associated with the April 29 explosion at the county’s Central Booking and Detention Center. The purchases orders total $13,394,556.

This time last year Commissioners Gene Valentino, Grover Robinson and Wilson Robertson said that they couldn’t afford the $6-7 million budget increase that Sheriff David Morgan requested to hire the additional staff to meet the requirements established by the Department of Justice and backed by the JCI study (BTW: for which the county refused to make the final payment).

Valentino went on television attacking the sheriff and his staff. He refused to allow the sheriff and his chief deputy to speak at commission meetings to rebut assertions made by then-Interim County Administrator George Touart and others. Robinson made a speech to Rotary Club praising the decision and how it was saving the county money. Robertson broke from his traditional support of the sheriff and sided with Valentino and Robinson. Commissioner Steven Barry saw the vote to take the jail was going to pass and voted with the majority. Only Commissioner Lumon May stood firm.

The ATF report should be released soon. The State Attorney’s Office is following it closely. June may be a game changer for Escambia County.

BCC Regular Meeting Budget & Finance Consent
Meeting Date: 06/03/2014
Issue: Emergency Purchase Orders in Excess of $50,000 Related to Flood Event of 2014 and Explosion
From: Amy Lovoy, Department Head
Department: OMB

Recommendation Concerning Emergency Purchase Orders in Excess of $50,000 Related to the Flood Event of 2014 and Explosion at the Escambia County Central Booking and Detention Center – Amy Lovoy, Management and Budget Services Department Director

That the Board accept for information and ratify the issuance of the following Purchase Orders in excess of $50,000, issued under the Declaration of Local State of Emergency, effective April 29, 2014, through May 27, 2014, for procurement of goods and services for protective measures and repairs to County Buildings and Equipment damaged or destroyed by the Flood Event of 2014 and the natural gas explosion at the Escambia County Central Booking and Detention Center (CBDC):


P.O. Number Contractor Amount Description
141189 StopLoss Specialists, LLC $1,873,000 Emergency Building Repairs
141190 AMEC Environment & Infrastructure $67,500 Industrial Hygiene Services
141205 R D Ward Construction Co., Inc. $515,850 Building Repairs JJC
141206 A.E. New Jr., Inc. $120,492 Building Repairs Extension Ctr.
141222 Engineered Cooling Services, Inc. $886,235.33 Emergency Rental Chiller
141223 Birkshire Johnstone, LLC $475,277.63 Building Repairs – 4 Locations
141230 H.M. Yonge & Associates, Inc. $121,700 Chiller Plant, JJC Engineering
141261 Belfor USA Group $2,007,276.50 Emergency Repairs Health
141262 Advanced Compressed Air Tech, Inc. $50,670.65 Lift Repairs ECAT
141275 SWS First Response $185,000 Mitigation at ECAT
141277 CBS Enterprises, Inc. $1,376,500 Emergency Mitigation
141332 Carter Goble Associates, Inc. $110,000 Interim Housing Options
Subtotal $7,789,502
Dewberry Consultants $150,000
Attorneys Review: Ed Fleming, Barry Beroset $20,000
Previously reported
Radios $87,554
Healthcare $112,000
Housing $5,073,500
Mental Health $50,000
Nurses $112,000
Grand Total $13,394,556.11