Favorite Rex Blackburn moment

Over the years, Lt. Rex Blackburn has done his best to intimidate and harass the IN. My favorite moment was when he delivered a gift to the office during the 2007 Christmas holidays. It was a large box wrapped in old issues of our newspaper.

The box came with a card that had Barack Obama’s face on Oprah’s body on the front. Inside Blackburn had written: “Wishing you an ‘O’ so Happy Christ’s Birthday! and Double Jesus from Luke”- Rex.

I guess for the Rex the biggest insult is to send someone a card with an African-American on the front. The “Luke” that he mentions is Luke McCoy.

Inside the box was a full set of the 2004 Florida Statutes.

Not to be out done, I wrote Rex an email: “Thank you for the wonderful gift of the Florida Statues. I couldn’t help but notice that they had never been read. – Happy Kwanza! Rick.”