FCAT Crisis: Escambia County struggles at third grade level in reading

Escambia County had 3,161 third-graders take the FCAT reading exam. Fifty-one percent of them scored a 3 or higher on the exam, compared to 72 percent in Santa Rosa County and 64 percent in Okaloosa County. The statewide score was 56 percent. (See GR03_Rdis_2012v2)

The top Escambia County elementary schools were Pensacola Beach Charter 92 percent (24 students), the magnet school N.B. Cook 81 percent (117 students), A.K. Suter 80 percent (51 students) and Hellen Caro 71 percent (144 students). At the bottom were Montclair 15 percent (52 students), Weis 15 percent (78 students), O.J. Semmes 10 percent (52 students) and A.A. Dixon 9 percent (22 students).

Montclair and Weis were A schools last year; Semmes was a C.

The touted Global Learning Academy that has had thousands of dollars pumped into it and thousands of volunteer man-hours had 30 percent score 3 or higher with 138 children taking the test.

See results ranked from top to bottom: GR03_Rsch_2012v2.