FDOH system only works for elderly with computers

The Florida Department of Health Escambia only allows residents 65 or older to schedule an appointment for the COVID vaccination via a survey monkey form.

“Completion of this form confirms interest in vaccination,” stated FDOH Escambia website. “It does not secure an appointment for vaccination. FDOH-Escambia will schedule appointments based on supply availability.”

Pensacola City Councilwoman Sherri Myers told Inweekly that she hopes Mayor Grover Robinson and his staff will set up a system to help elderly citizens without computer access register for the vaccination.

She said, “I encourage people to reach out to their elderly neighbors and help them.”

Myers tried to call FDOH Escambia this morning and received a message that the office was closed.


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  1. The mask wearing issue is getting worse. Yesterday, as I mentioned here, I was in the Walmart on Creighton Road and counted 24 people not wearing masks over about an hour. The PPD officer on duty was nowhere to be seen. I was at Walmart today for 30 minutes. In the first five minutes in the store today, I counted 17 people not wearing masks. I stopped counting. Again, 17 people seen without masks in just five minutes. A Walmart Associate with their back to the door was counting each person as they entered. Perhaps they should stand next to the big “city mask ordinance sign” and face shoppers as they come in to the store and politely remind them – “No mask, no service.”

    The City Council needs to show some leadership and amend the mask ordinance to impose penalties on businesses whose owners, managers and employees refuse to comply with the mask ordinance and let “individuals” violate it? It seems worthy of an emergency meeting unless they want to be as complicit in the Robinson Administration’s collective guilt for infections of city residents and workers. I bet that if Walmart started getting a citation and $100 fine for every person found in the store in violation of the mask ordinance, they would begin to give a hoot about the COVID-19 pandemic and have the backbone to require their customers to wear masks.

    WEAR TV 3 is reporting that the “Florida Division of Emergency Management” has pre-selected 500 “underserved” people aged 65 and older in Escambia County to receive vaccinations at the Brownsville Community Center on Sunday, January 3. The second vaccination will be given on January 31. The event is closed to the public. The Chosen 500 will have a voucher and appointment so we can presume there will be no gaggle in the parking lot. Who in the Florida Division of Emergency Management picked the 500 lucky people? What is an “underserved” person? Did they pick the people based on skin color, income level, County District 3 voters, etc.? How did people find out about the special “pre-selection” process and who decided who gets the potentially living saving vaccine first and who does not?

    Does anyone know how many city employees have been infected? I heard that a while back an entire department was out of work all of them infected. City Council members cannot find out how many city employees have been infected. I heard that the Florida Department of Health called Mayor Grover Robinson at city hall and told him to go home and back into quarantine. Yes/No? What’s going on? Why were some city employees furious that Robinson came to city hall? Has Council President Jared Moore stepped in as Acting Mayor? Is something going on in city hall? Where is WEAR TV 3 on this story?

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