Feb. 25, 2005: Council passed policy for mixed use

On Feb. 25, 2005, the Pensacola City Council passed the Port Administration and
Operations Policy. It states:

Mixed-use development opportunities on appropriate parcels of land within the
port, particularly on border parcels where such development could serve as a
buffer between neighboring uses and the port’s industrial-maritime operations
should be considered when appropriate parcels of land become available, either
through lease expiration or other forms of termination, mixed-use development
opportunities should be pursued and considered.

In its efforts to explore development of a mixed-use port that includes industrial
maritime, maritime related and retail/commercial ventures, all reasonable and
compatible business opportunities should be fully evaluated by staff and those
deemed fiscally and operationally viable should be brought forward to the City
Manager and Council for consideration.

Any mixed-use and cruise developments at the Port of Pensacola should
preferably be located to create a buffer between the port’s industrial maritime
operations and its surrounding properties. The placement and size of new and
future operations of all types should be determined based on the requirements of
the specific business opportunity being considered.

The Pensacola City Council seems to be at a loss in understanding why it has lost the public’s confidence and trust. It has to look no further than its less that forthright management of the Port of Pensacola to see why many will not be re-elected on Nov. 4.

Read the policy.