Firefighters, City Continue Discussion

Local firefighters and city of Pensacola officials continued discussions today over contract negotiations. An agreement has yet to be reached.

“They discussed they’re high-point issues and we discussed our high-point issues,” John Chapman, president of the local professional firefighter’s union, Local 707, said this afternoon.

The city of Pensacola has been in contract negotiations with its general employees, as well as city police and firefighters. Following an earlier agreement with general employees, the city announced an agreement with the police union in December.

As with the other union negotiations, the city hopes to close the fire pension plan to new employees, instead putting them into the Florida Retirement System. In exchange it is offering one-time payouts and incremental raises.

Chapman said the firefighters and city are continuing the discussion. He expects an agreement to be reached soon.

“They’re fair and we’re working well together and we’re gonna get everything taken care of,” Chapman said.