Firefighters’ Union supports Hayward budget

Press Release: The Pensacola Professional Firefighters support Mayor Hayward and his budget as presented to the Pensacola City Council.  Both the Mayor and his union partners have always been focused upon the safety of both our citizens and our firefighters, within the framework of our limited financial resources.  We both agree that while within Federal and State guidelines, staffing is not at optimal levels.

This issue originated in 2008 during the City’s “30 Month” Budgeting Process in which staffing levels were reduced to meet shrinking fiscal resources.  The Pensacola Professional Firefighters support Mayor Hayward’s initial efforts to increase the City’s economic base and we look forward to working with him in the next fiscal year to address firefighting apparatus operation levels and staffing.

Hmmm… looks like firefighters are okay with not having Fire Station #3 and the Fire Rescue Units in the 2012 budget.