Florida House committee votes to eliminate Visit Florida, Enterperise Florida and more

The Florida House of Representative’s Careers & Competition Subcommittee passed a bill today that would eliminate programs that Speaker Richard Corcoran and conservative groups, like Americans for Prosperity-Florida, believe prop up unfair financial handouts at the expense of Florida taxpayers.

The bill eliminates:
 Enterprise Florida, Inc. (EFI)
 Florida Tourism Industry Marketing Corporation (VISIT FLORIDA) and related programs and funds
 Office of Film & Entertainment and entertainment industry tax programs
 The Urban High-Crime Area Job Tax Credit Program
 The Capital investment tax credit
 The Florida Small Business Development Center Network
 Florida’s international offices and International Trade and Promotion Fund
 Cooperative advertising matching grants program
 Quick-response training programs
 Qualified defense contractor and space flight business tax refund programs
 Qualified target industry businesses tax refund programs
 Brownfield redevelopment bonus refunds
 The High-impact business program
 The Economic Gardening Business Loan and Technical Assistance Pilot Programs
 The Quick Action Closing Fund
 The Innovation Incentive Program
 Professional sports franchise, spring training franchise, and related sports development programs
 The International Game Fish Association World Center facility
 The Florida Small Business Technology Growth Program
 The Florida Opportunity Fund
 The Institute for the Commercialization of Public Research
 The Florida Technology Seed Capital Fund
 The New Markets Development Program Act
 The Microfinance Guarantee Program
 Economic development transportation projects (Road Fund)
 The State Economic Enhancement and Development Trust Fund
 Tourism Promotional Trust Fund
 The Florida International Trade and Promotion Trust Fund

Chris Hudson, state director of Americans for Prosperity-Florida, released the following statement:

“Economic incentives are a failed policy that have cost taxapyers billions of dollars. The members that took up this bill today are not responsible for the creation of these bloated subsidies, but they can be champions for Florida families and small business owners that deserve a level playing field. Lawmakers were elected to serve the hardworking people of the state, not well-connected special interests that seek lucrative deals to pad their bottom line.

We have a great opportunity to leave the failed dealings of Enterprise Florida in the past and focus on laying the foundation for long-term success. We applaud the members of this committee who today stood up for fairness, for principle, and for Florida taxpayers.”

Read PCB CCS 17-01

Speaker Corcoran is my guest on “Pensacola Speaks” today at 5:10 p.m.


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  1. Gov. Flim Flam’s head must be ready to explode. Real conservatives are fighting his corporate welfare.

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