Florida Sunday newspaper roundup

Miami Herald: Assisted Living Facilities
While vulnerable residents were dying of abuse and neglect in assisted living facilities, Florida lawmakers waged a campaign to slash state oversight of the state’s troubled homes. More.

St. Pete Times: Power at the Polls
There’s a mad scramble under way for Florida’s Hispanic vote, the fastest growing voter base. The Latino vote is projected to increase to more than 1.6 million voters in 2012, and already the race to reach them is heating up. More.

Sun-Sentinel: Airports expect Cuban boom
Airport officials in Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, Key West and possibly Orlando plan to seek federal permission to establish direct flights to Cuba under new travel rules implemented last month by the Obama administration to reach out to the Cuban people. They hope to tap a growing market of Cuban-Americans and members of religious, educational and cultural groups who can now travel more freely to the island.

Orlando Sentinel: Heat & Football training
Several recent deaths, including two in Florida, are a stern reminder of how punishing the state’s sweltering heat can be on high-school-football players. More.