For the record: Mitigation and conservation areas of Bruce Beach

Above is the map that was included in the Biological Assessment of Bruce Beach, completed in 2013. There are two mitigation areas – City of Pensacola Southern Bulkhead and Community Maritime Park. The Bruce Beach Marsh has a conservation easement.

The useable part of the parcel is the approximately 10 acres listed as “Subject Property” that has a beach and direct access to Pensacola Bay.  Read Biological-Assessment-FL-hatchery-site-2013-08-19

The 2010 CRA Plan called for the mitigation areas to be  “enhanced and leveraged as a park that adds amenity value for ECUA Sewer Treatment site redevelopment.”

Recommended Improvements for Bruce Beach:

  1. Extend Coyle and Donelson Streets from Main Street into Bruce Beach site for public access and parking
  2. Extend Community Maritime Park east/west street into Bruce Beach area to provide public access, on-street parking and an active park edge
  3. Build a continuous boardwalk and/or trail along waterfront from CMP to Bruce Beach jetty
  4. Create an interactive educational nature park with a focus on environmental sustainability and best practices including trails, boardwalks, pavilions, small gathering spaces, bird watching and natural/native landscapes
  5. Enhance the existing beach for public access and future safe swimming
  6. Protect and improve existing wetlands and storm water management features at Bruce Beach to enhance the educational experience
  7. Maintain and coordinate service access to the existing barrier jetty with the City of Pensacola



The biological assessment is another document that the mayor failed to upload on Transparent Pensacola.





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  1. Look at the real picture and you can actually see there is really no usable beach or very little…

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