Fourth arrest in the Billings murders

Sheriff David Morgan announced tonight at an 8:30 pm press conference the arrest of Gary Lamont Sumner, Jr. Sumner is one of the two black males in the Gulf Breeze WalMart photo with Patrick Gonzalez.


Sumner had been arrested by Okaloosa County law enforcement during a traffic stop for driving with an expired driver’s license. It was later determined that Sumner met a description of a person of interest in the Billings case. Checking the Okaloosa County Clerk of Court files, Sumner had an August court hearing for violation of probation.

In the Billings case, Sumner is charged with an open count of murder. He was linked to the case by the WalMart video, witnesses’ accounts of seeing Sumner with Gonzalez the day of the murders and by evidence in the Billings home. Sheriff Morgan confirmed the Sumner is believed to be one of the five intruders in the Billings residence.

Morgan described Sumner as a day laborer who was a friend of those already arrested.

Morgan would not confirm the WEAR report that Wayne Coldiron did landscape work for the Billings. He did say that another arrest may be made on Tuesday and other arrests are imminent.

At this point, four men have been arrested: Leonard P. Gonzalez Sr., Wayne Coldiron, L. Patrick Gonzalez Jr and Gary Sumner Jr. The ECSO is talking with two black persons of interest and there is one white male suspect that the ECSO has yet to identify.