From our buddy ECSO Lt. Blackburn


December 12, 2006
To: Independent News

BAH HUMBUG- Come out of the closet and look at the true unbiased facts referencing your continuing Crime Stopper mis-reporting (ref: The Buzz 12/7/06).

Fact (1) Deputy VanCamp is still Deputy VanCamp, a simple reassignment is not a demotion. No accrued time, salary, or benefits were altered or changed.

Fact (2) Deputy VanCamp was never assigned to Molino, a nice river community north of Cantonment. VanCamp is working a mere 2 miles from his home in Gulf Breeze at the Pensacola Beach Substation at a position he requested.

Fact (3) VanCamp was never denied going to a Crime Stoppers Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico. VanCamp’s airfare and hotel were furnished by the Independent Crime Stoppers Board. He was not, representing the Sheriff’s Office as a member of the Crime Stoppers Unit at that time, however. Because of his change in status he was free to go but had to utilize his own time.

Fact (4) I am the Officer in Charge of the Crime Stopper Program and have been for the two years Deputy VanCamp worked for me (to confuse the roles is misleading by your article).

Thank God our Deputy Sheriff’s don’t report their facts as your newspaper does or we would never be able to convict the first criminal and our jails would be empty. Which just might be your wish? I have angrily traded enough as you so eloquently reported. Go Don your gay apparel and dream of your sugar-plum fairies.

Finally, wishing you and your friends at the ACLU, MERRY CHRISTMAS WITH A DOUBLE HELPING OF JESUS!

Rex Blackburn

RO REPLY: The Buzz item was in the Nov. 30 issue (MISSING IN ACTION ). Happy Hanukkah!!