Gaetz narrowly wins House Dist. 4 primary

Matt Gaetz, son of State Sen. Don Gaetz, narrowly defeated former Destin Mayor Craig Barker by margin of 634 votes. Gaetz won the Republican primary thanks to a huge lead in early and absentee voting. Barker actually beat Gaetz in Okaloosa County, which makes up most of this district. Gaetz, however, trounced Barker in Santa County.

Okaloosa…..Barker: 5,239; Gaetz: 5,140; Gravie: 545; Melvin: 657; Woods: 1,404
Santa Rosa..Barker: 434; Gaetz: 1,168; Gravie: 60; Melvin: 71; Woods: 124

Matt Gaetz: 6,308 (42.5%)
Craig Barker: 5,673 (38.2%)
Kabe Woods: 1,528 (10.3%)
Jerry Melvin: 728 (4.9%)
Bill Garvie: 605 (4.1%)

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