Gaetz sends out update on his bills

Don Gaetz
State Sen. Don Gaetz sent out his weekly update on the legislation that he is sponsoring. He said all these bill are progressing through the committees:

SB 146 — cutting off state support to those private “colleges” who encourage students to over-borrow and then who default on their taxpayer-supported student loans

SB 962-– requiring the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation to improve its performance by reducing wait lists and helping more disabled citizens find employment

SB 1084 – stopping insurance companies from forcing patients to ‘fail first’ with less effective or harmful procedures or medicines and allowing attending physicians to prescribe what is in the best interest of the patient

SB 626 – protecting deployed military and their families against predatory lenders charging triple digit interest on title loans and credit cards

SB 160 – allowing uniformed military to be exempt from property taxes during that portion of the year when they are deployed in combat

SB 582 – giving prosecutors more tools to go after corrupt local officials and public contractors

SB 212 – ensuring patients who have elective short-stay surgical procedures have access to cost-saving ambulatory surgery centers

SB 672 – SIGNED INTO LAW BY THE GOVERNOR to provide a lifetime education and therapy scholarship (The Gardiner Scholarship) and post-secondary training to persons with developmental disabilities