Giving back to Pensacola

My two February book-signings generated a profit of $348. I put in the mail this morning checks for $174 each to Open Books and Sunday’s Child. Our paper has long fought for civil rights, criminal justice reform and inclusion and acceptance of the LGBT community.

Open Books Bookstore and its Prison Book Project, which currently sends around 6,000 books each year to indigent inmates in Florida prisons. The Prison Book Project currently serves approximately 1,800 inmates each year.

Sunday’s Child promotes equality and seeks to inspire a fully accepting and inclusive Pensacola that embraces the LGBT citizens and their contributions to the community by awarding grants for significant charitable and economic initiatives.

The gift to Sunday’s Child is the name of late brother-in-law and my brother’s husband, Bob Linnell, who passed away in 2016. However, there are no restrictions on how either gift can be used.

I hope a few of our readers will help us leverage these modest donations by also giving to this local non-profits.

For Open Books, you can give online here. For Sunday’s Child, visit this page.

Or you can mail checks to:

Sunday’s Child
P.O. Box 12972
Pensacola, FL 32591

Open Books
1040 Guillemard St.
Pensacola, FL 32501


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