Godzilla has website


Escambia County School Board member Jeff Bergosh has his own website in which he goes after the Pensacola News Journal – jeffbergosh.net.

Bergosh asserts that he has been targeted by the PNJ:

The truth is crystal clear; I’m just a small town, part time school board member that made the PNJ mad. The simple fact is I have done nothing illegal, immoral, or unethical. Despite this, the local daily paper has it “out for me”—you’d think I was public enemy #1, the way these guys are on me. In fact, These PNJ guys have had me on the front page twice, 4 editorials, and the “cartoon” has been up for 2 weeks!! These guys have given me more coverage this last month than Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, or their #1 hero, Al Gore, inventor of the internet and recent Nobel Peace Prize winner!! What a strange October this has been!!

Bergosh fires back with his PNJ Top Ten List. Some people just don’t know when to drop an issue.