Grover responds to Sheriff: no tax increase, no privatization, but willing to take over jail

Commissioner Grover Robinson, IV has responded to Sheriff David Morgan’s letter transferring control for the Escambia County Jail back to the county. He tells the sheriff that he is willing to look at any option, other than a property tax increase, to find the funds to deal with the under staffing at the jail and the other findings by the U.S. Department of Justice. (Letter: Ltr_to_Sheriff_Morgan-Jail_6-14-13)

“Whether that option is to look at reserve funds for additional corrections officers or suspension of raises for county employees,” wrote the District 4 commissioner, “I am very open and willing to cooperate with you.”

Because of what he says is the “fragility of our economic recovery,” Grover is opposed to raising ad valorem taxes, but he says that handling the jail over to a private contractor is not an option for him either.

“Just like tax increase, privatization is a non-starter for me.”

However, Robinson did not rule out the commissioners taking control of the jail. He writes that he has met with Marion County commissioners who have recently taken over their county jail.

“The Marion BCC, too, will be taking authority of their jail in effort to protect their vision for their county in its entirety,” wrote the commissioner.


Note: George Touart running the jail. Who would have ever thought?