Guns are allowed in community centers

On Pensacola Speaks, attorney John Asmar said that the State Legislature has deemed that certain places where weapons are not permitted, regardless of whether or not you’re licensed to carry one under any concealed weapons permits–such places are schools, career centers, and courthouses.

He said Pensacola City Hall can only use its metal detector when the city council is in session. The county administrative building has a metal detector because the Clerk of Courts has offices on the first floor.

“Having said that, community centers or resource centers are not specifically mentioned,” said Asmar. “Therefore, in order to have the ability to detect weapons on a person, such as a metal detector, you would have to fall into one of those categories or request the Legislature to change the statute to specifically mention resource community centers.”

At high school, college and professional sporting events, people can not carry a firearm. However, there is nothing in the statutes regarding youth sports events.

He said, “It could be that you could have an event such like a career center or an after-school program or you could have a sanctioned school athletic event in those resource centers, and therefore be in compliance with Florida Statures, which would obviously let the management be able to detect weapons during those periods of time.”