Half of city voters favor consolidating some services

A majority of Pensacola voters favor consolidating Fire, Planning Services, and Park Services, according to a recent poll by Political Matrix. However, they don’t like the idea of consolidating  law enforcement.

This study was conducted via Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology between Feb. 19-21. The numbers used were supplied by the Escambia County Supervisor of Elections Office. Only households who voted at least three out of the last four elections were called. The numbers were randomized upon implementation of the study and 506 completed studies were collected.  The margin of error of the study was +/- 4.8%.

Inweekly also commissioned a study of how Pensacola residents would cast their votes if the mayoral race was held today.  The results will be published in this week’s issue.


Fire Service
Yes 52.4%
No 26.7%
Undecided 16.8%
Need more info 4.2%
Law Enforcement
Yes 37.5%
No 46.6%
Undecided 12.1%
Need more info 3.8%
Planning & Permitting
Yes 50.0%
No 29.0%
Undecided 16.0%
Need more info 4.5%
Parks & Rec
Yes 51.8%
No 33.8%
Undecided 10.5%
Need more info 4.0%

1 thought on “Half of city voters favor consolidating some services

  1. Let’s consolidate the department that gets the highest customer service grade every time one is done. Fire.

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