Hall apologies. Let’s move to real issues

Poverty, health issues, failing schools, rampant crime, shootings…and the biggest issue for Occupy Pensacola, Rev. Nathan Monk and the Pensacola City Council is whether Sam Hall should apologize for cutting off Monk two minutes early on his speech last month? Really?

Form over substance. A melodrama that took attention away from real problems. The kid in Attucks Court or Pensacola Village could care less about the feelings of Monk or the grandstanding of council members. These kids are struggling to read and understand why school matters. Where are their next meals coming from? Can they go out to play today or will they get hit by a stray bullet? Do they have coats to wear today?

People are hurting.

How did this silly incident between Hall and Monk become the focus of Occupy Pensacola? …and the City Council?…and Rev. Monk?

You embarrassed and berated Hall…so what? Next time you will get to speak a full three minutes to city council. Hooray!

Ponies & Balloons…I expected more from Monk and Occupy. As far as the city council, it looks like 2012 for the council won’t be much better than 2011.