Has Okaloosa County become the new Escambia County?

The two past decades saw Escambia County get repeatedly hit with scandals. Both the Escambia County Commission and the School Board had members removed by the governor–most notably former Escambia County Commission Chairman W.D. Childers.

Okaloosa County has seen a state representative (Ray Sansom) and its college president (Bob Richburg) caught in a scandal. Sansom was booted from the Florida House on the eve of being sworn as Speaker of the House. The Crestview police chief is under investigation. The Okaloosa County Sheriff Charlie Morris and his senior staff were arrested for a bribery scam. Its tax collector, Chris Hughes, resigned and had been accused of misusing his position.

Now we have its TDC director apparently killing himself after being caught buying a yacht and possibly a home with TDC dollars.