Hayward announces own Quality of Life survey

Since 2007, Mason-Dixon Polling has conducted a survey to measure the attitudes of voters in the city of Pensacola and Escambia County on Quality of Life issues. Quint Studer formed the non-profit Better Pensacola Forum to manage the survey and Jerry Maygarden was its first executive director. A few years back, the Studers signed an agreement with the Pensacola Young Professionals to supervise the QOL survey.

It will be interesting to see how the results of the two surveys compare.

Press Release:

Beginning June 30, residents of Pensacola will have an opportunity to provide feedback regarding the major services the City provides through a community survey. The survey, conducted by researchers from the University of West Florida’s Haas Center, will cover services related to public safety, municipal infrastructure, culture, arts & recreation, neighborhood vitality, and sustainable development in Pensacola.

“The main reason for conducting this survey is to measure where citizens think the City is doing a good job and where we need to improve,” said Mayor Hayward. “With this information, we’ll be able to identify problem areas and develop action programs. The bottom line is that we want to know how satisfied our customers are with the delivery of major city services, and the only way to be sure that we are getting a complete picture is by asking our residents and taxpayers directly.”

Researchers will introduce themselves by giving their name and stating that they are from the Haas Center with the University of West Florida. The caller ID for these calls will show University of West Florida or the phone number 850-439-5401. The researchers will not ask for residents’ names or other personal information – only their opinions. Identities and survey responses will remain confidential.

“I hope that citizens will cooperate if called and give the researchers their honest feedback,” stated Mayor Hayward. “I come to work every day focused on continual improvement, and the information we get with this community survey will allow my staff and I to get a clearer picture of where we need to target our efforts.”