Hayward may get life

Rumors are flying that BP CEO Tony Hayward will lose his job this week. Whether it’s a resignation, retirement or firing —-or a mixture of all three like Escambia County Administrator George Touart in 2007—-is still unclear.

The official BP press release says no “final” decision has been made:

BP notes the press speculation over the weekend regarding potential changes to management and the charge for the costs of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. BP confirms that no final decision has been made on these matters. A Board meeting is being held on Monday evening ahead of the announcement of the second quarter results on 27th July. Any decisions will be announced as appropriate.

Washington Post says Hayward will step down.

Once he resigns, retires or is fired, I’m sure he will work on one of the Vessels of Opportunity skimming the oil out of the Gulf. After all, BP promises it will be here until this is over.