Help offer from Germany

This email appears to be legitimate – here is the company’s website,

The German environment dpt has already informed British Petrol to get in contact with us, but all information moved slowly.

In the meantime the German broadcasting and TV like –RTL-WDR-Bild-Kölner Stadtanzeiger- etc cover the news with our ecological product.

Please pay kind attention, that the exchance is not our first approach.

First we want to help with ideas and ecological possibilities to save the beach and nature sanctuary. Second we want to help to clean up the Ocean.

Schacoulite Oil Fix is to 100% an ecological light weight mineral Product, easy for application and after pyrolyse or bacteral disposal – leaved again as a clean oil binder and is an environmentally compatible agriculture and good for compost.

As the horror launched in the Gulf we informed The White House and British Petrol. Meanwhile I got a good contact to the EPA-D. Bradford, but the mills of god grind slowly.

Since 2007 Germany, Austria and Sitzerland used this product to save their lakes, rivers, harbours and our German Ocean

So we have also the help to reduce damace for every urban or suburban city in the Gulf region.

Every day we abidance shows the bad conduct during the crisis management

Data Sheets and technical appliance, CAS No, etc are present. If you like I will send it to your kind attention.
Hope you`re also interested to save the nature and the people.

In our opinion British Petrol is like a rabbit in front of a snake. But the world will listen. Since a long time, America is on our minds and we hope we can pass back

SCHACO foamtec GmbH
Holger Schieren
Hd. Of qlty dpt.

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