Help to get health insurance for children

I received this email from a Community Health Worker at Sacred Heart Hospital:

Thank you for IN! Read the “Putting the ACA to Work” with great interest. I am a Community Health Worker working on a grant through Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital to locate children without health insurance in Escambia and Santa Rosa counties.

After talking to their parents or custodial relatives, I advise what documents to bring to an application meeting. I can then apply online with the parent at my side. Documents are promptly faxed to KidCare for processing.

KidCare provides Health Insurance for children less than 19-years old. NO annual deductible; Co-Pays usually only $5. Monthly premium varies depending on age of child and family income. Children under age 5 cost $196 per month each, over age 5 cost $141 monthly. Insurance includes vision and dental!

If the family’s income is less than certain ranges, the premium drops dramatically to $15-20/monthly per family!

For example: family of 4, less than $46,000, or family of 2 people with income less than $30,200. For more information, contact me or email We also have people available to assist throughout the application process in Okaloosa, Walton, Gulf and Franklin counties in Florida.

PS: If it is thought the child may be eligible for Medicaid, (no premium/no deductible) KidCare will electronically send the information and documents to be processed for Medicaid. There is no cost to apply and help is available. Can you help us to spread the word?

Thank you,
Nancy Lake

Community Health Worker
Sacred Heart Outreach for
KidCare (Low Cost) Health Insurance for Children
(850)416-6379 Office
(850)416-6262 Fax