Homebuilders support Warrington Middle

In an effort to build community spirit, the Home Builders Association of West Florida provided a barbeque dinner for the faculty, students and parents of Warrington Middle on Friday, July 30.

“I believe it’s vital to for our students and their families to connect with our team at Warrington Middle School,” said Denny Wilson, who was recently approved by the Florida Bureau of School Improvement to serve as principal for 2021-2022 school year. “There is no better way to accomplish that by sitting down and sharing a meal together. I am thankful to the Home Builders Association for their generosity for providing this opportunity for our school community.”

“We believe in Warrington Middle and know that they can make the turn around that is needed,” said HBA Executive Director David Peaden. “Warrington Middle is an important part of our community and I know that the members of the HBA are rooting for them.”