Hospitalizations continue to climb

When CivicCon held a session with local health care leaders on Monday, Nov. 23, Escambia County’s dashboard reported 90 hospitalizations. Today, the county reports 108– a 20% increase for one-week. The hospitalizations have doubled since Nov. 2.

Monday, Nov. 16 – 86

Monday, Nov. 9 – 61

Monday,  Nov 2 – 54

Monday, Oct. 26 – 44

Monday, Oct. 19 – 35


Local hospitals have  431 beds available according to the dashboard. How many can be dedicated for COVID  patients without the hospitals shutting down surgeries and other care?





3 thoughts on “Hospitalizations continue to climb

  1. Apparently you weren’t around when businesses, schools and churches were forced to shut down this spring and summer, then allowed to open with limited capacity/operations. Youth sports cancelled, basketball goals taken down. There are many businesses that have not reopened, and there’s still a lot of people unemployed. Also, all the fear mongering continues to have a negative effect on businesses. This all leads to stress which leads to increased child and domestic abuse.

  2. What “lockdown” are you referring to? Escambia is completely open without restrictions.

  3. Gulf Coast Kid’s House reported that child abuse is up 57%. Another negative effect of unnecessary lockdowns.

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