House District 3 observations – Republican redux

CryingAll four candidates are claiming roots in the community – so its a non-issue. Ford has lived here the shortest – still has 15 yrs on GB city council.

All have identified insurance and property taxes as hot button issues. Ford is the only one with a record of cutting property taxes. Banjanin never did as a county commissioner. Hart and Scarborough haven’t held public office.

Hart is making honesty and issue – None of his opponents have an honesty issue. Not sure if Hart’s pledge to not run for higher office is a slap at Ford (who was just re-elected to GB City Council) or Joe Scarborough (who isn’t running).

I do think Scarborough (George) is smart to run against Tallahassee and placing blame on the state legislature for the property insurance crisis.

Don’t see local campaign contributors as a bigger negative than RV dealers outside the Panhandle. Notice that interests aren’t special or bad unless they contribute to an opponent’s campaign.

On property taxes, I’m seeing this as county and city government issue. We need to elect better people at this level to effect change. Maybe the losers of this primary should run for these offices in 2008.