How to spot a lying politician

Marc Salem wrote a column for Men’s Health on how to spot when a politician is lying.

In important public interviews, Yasir Arafat sucked in his lips and stuck out his tongue (“60 Minutes”); Bill Clinton performed microshrugs, noticeable only in slo-mo (while denying Lewinsky allegations before a grand jury), and John Kerry stared with overstudied empathy (Today show). In an interview with ABC’s Diane Sawyer after the capture of Saddam Hussein, President George W. Bush was afflicted with a wide range of nonverbal tics, from rapid eye blinking to pursed lips. In these moments, each of these men displayed nonverbal cues of deception.

What are the tip-offs? Sharp pauses, Tight Lips, Half Smiles….

It might be fun to have this article handy the next time you watch a city council or county commission meeting.

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