IN 2006: Incorporate Perdido Key

The daily newspaper writes on the possibility of Perdido Key area incorporating. We advocated Perdido Key incorporation in our Ballsy Plan III published in May 2006.

Incorporate Perdido Key

Drive Gulf Beach Highway and you’ll notice a considerable difference between Perdido Key and its Alabama neighbors—Orange Beach and Gulf Shores. Much of the success of these two south Baldwin County communities can be tied to the fact that they have incorporated.

Incorporation gives a community control over its own destiny. Yes, the residents pay a little more in property taxes, but they make their own laws and can take care of their problems without having to beg a distracted five-member county commission for their share of the millions Perdido Key generates in property, bed and sales tax revenues.

Streets, drainage, fire protection, law enforcement, code enforcement and trash pick-up are the areas a city controls and manages. Perdido Key citizens make the decisions—not some lame-brained bureaucrat sitting at a desk 30 miles away, who has never even driven down your street.

The City of Perdido Key should include, not just the Key, but also the Innerarity Point area. To keep it simple and leave room for future growth, IN’s Ballsy Plan calls for the eastern boundary to be Sorrento Road at the western gate to Pensacola’s naval base.