IN: Aftermath of Hurricane Ivan

Hurricane Ivan kicked us out of our nice digs in the Theisen Building. We left half our furniture behind – either destroyed or it was too heavy to carry down three flights of stairs. We lost 60% of our advertisers, cut the staff by a third and shrink the paper down to 32 pages.

Here are a few of our post-Ivan issues:

IvanIvan is Really, Really Terrible
Flattened homes, homes turned inside out, missing or punctured roofs and ripped up trees littered paradise from Perdido Key to Jay and Navarre Beach to Century.

Behind the Scenes
Gulf Breeze City Manager Buzz Eddy asked Councilman Beverly Zimmern and me to man the city’s desk at the Santa Rosa County Emergency Operations Center in Milton on Friday, Sept. 17

InsuranceInsurance Disaster
Hurricane Ivan’s winds ripped apart Gary and Rhonda Buyers’ roof, dumping rain inside.


The show will go on. But first, the crew at the Pensacola Little Theatre needs to dry out their skivvies before the downtown stage can return to its pre-Ivan glory.

ecuaECUA: Disaster By The Bay
A moving van sits outside the Windham’s odiferous Aragon home near Pensacola’s bayfront. They’re moving out to make way for carpenters who have begun ripping up walls, floors and cabinets soaked with water and coated with raw sewage

Survivor Souvenirs
Days before most of our hurricane ravaged area had its power restored, a flock of industrious vendors hit the streets to hock a bevy of “I Survived Ivan” mementos…

CourtsCourt Chaos
It’s Monday morning and the Pensacola Civic Center parking lot is jammed pack. Hundreds of people mill outside the main lobby…

ConstCaution: Contractor Scams in Progress
Here’s the scenario: Company A knocks on the doors on your street offering to do hurricane recovery work at exorbitant prices.