In Escambia County, May, Morgan and incumbents win big

Once again, former Sheriff Ron McNesby and the good old boys of county politics got their butts beat by Sheriff David Morgan. who earned a huge victory over former McNesby campaign manager Rex Blackburn.

Morgan 105,342 73.08%
Blackburn 36,178 25.10%

Morgan beat McNesby in GOP 2016 primary, 61%-15%, McNesby-supported John Powell in the GOP 2012 primary, 77%-23%, and McNesby in the GOP 2008 primary, 57%-43%.

District 3 Commissioner Lumon May won his second term with a similar mandate:

Lumon May 18,165 76.11%
Wiggins 4,111 17.22%
Ahmad 1,591 6.67%

Across the county, other incumbents won their races:

Superintendent of Schools Malcolm Thomas -65%

District 2 Vicki H. Campbell 97%
District 3 Elvin McCorvey 64%
District 5 Larry Walker 78%

Pensacola City Council
District 1 P.C. Wu 60%
District 2 Jewel Cannada-Wynn 59%

In the races without incumbents, Republicans won:

Tax Collector
Scott Lunsford 95,103 64.48%
Deb Moore 52,395 35.50%
County Commissioner District 1
Jeff Bergosh 20,962 69.27%
Audra Carter 9,301 30.73%


The lone incumbent to lose was Century Mayor Freddie W. McCall, who lost to Henry Hawkins by 107 votes, 337-230.




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