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Yesterday’s In Your Head Radio made both WEAR TV and the News Journal, although we aren’t named but called merely “a local radio show,” for our interview with Escambia County School Board member Jeff Bergosh.


Bergosh Speaks Out About Godzilla

The politician behind some controversial statements on a local blog is speaking out.

Escambia County School Board Member Jeff Bergosh’s on-line identity on the Pensacola News Journal Blog was exposed last week — by the paper.

Today he is answering his critics.

Channel Three’s Dan Thomas is live in the studio with this follow-up…

“Godzilla” tackled a wide range of topics… From a jail house death to teacher pay — never pulling any punches…

But now that Jeff Bergosh’s cover is blown, he’s far from the fire breathing blogger readers came to know.

The name is Godzilla and in the arena of the news journal blog his comments are the norm…

Blasting teacher’s unions, and even other bloggers….

Using codes for profane language.

Godzilla at times has attacked school board members calling them spineless… While at the same time saying quote “I know we can count on board member Bergosh.”

Rick Outzen: “But you are Godzilla.” Jeff Bergosh: “Yes. I am.”

On a local talk radio show, school board member Jeff Bergosh came clean…

Though he was guarded about his comments and stuck largely to a prepared statement.

Bergosh is angry his identity was exposed on a forum he thought was anonymous.

We asked him about Godzilla’s entry in response to someone’s use of the term trailer trash when talking about student truancy … Wrote “they are not the culprits… I have 3 words for you. Escambia District 3.”

District 3 is predominantly African American.

And when questioned, Bergosh was no longer the brash talking Godzilla.

Jeff Bergosh: “Obviously we have areas that struggle. That’s framed in the context of people constantly comparing us to Santa Rosa and Okaloosa counties… we have some schools that struggle.”

We got much the same avoidance when we asked him about the language he chose.

Dan Thomas/Reporter: “Would you be okay with a child in the school system writing things like this?” Jeff Bergosh: “I don’t want to talk about things like that … again it’s an anonymous blog.”

That was the last question Bergosh answered on camera.

He did however tell us off camera that he apologizes to anyone he may have offended… Calling his language “over the top.”

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News Journal: Jeff Bergosh blasts back